Make a chainmail bracelet

By | April 25, 2022

I wanted to make a bracelet out of aluminum jump rings (a chainmail bracelet, if you will). I already had 2 sizes of rings and I was hoping to be able to make something with the rings I already had. I tried a few interesting designs that I found but none of them seemed to work with the ring sizes I had. I messed around with the rings a little bit and came up with this design.

The smaller rings need to be large enough to hold 3 of the larger rings. The materials I used for this are as follows (Links are affiliate links where possible which means that I get a small referral fee, at no additional cost to you, if you buy something after following my link):

Here’s how to make it:

Close 6 small rings and open 2 large rings.

Put all 6 small rings on one of the large rings and close the large ring.

Thread the second large ring through all 6 of the small rings and close it.

Make several more of these assemblies.

Open 1 large ring for each of your assemblies.

Combine the assemblies together by threading each large ring through three of the rings on two of the previously made assemblies.

Add a clasp to complete the bracelet. I use these stainless steel lobster clasps (Amazon affiliate link). They don’t match the aluminum rings exactly, but they work well enough that I haven’t been motivated enough to find something better. Also, with the parts I used, the clasp has to be attached to the bracelet with one of the smaller rings (although it can clasp onto either size ring).

That’s it. Have fun.