One way to loosen a stuck water heater element

This photo might be all you need. Explanation follows: I was trying to remove a heating element from this water heater. Unfortunately there was some corrosion and the element was stuck. The only tools I had for this were a tubular water heater element wrench to engage the element and a pipe wrench to apply… Read More »

TSM Goups for Pandaria Crafted PVP Gear

These are the crafted PVP sets from Mists of Pandaria. They are cheap to craft, but the recipes are a pain to get so they can sell for many times the crafting cost on the AH. There is a set for each class (except Demon Hunters which weren’t around during MoP). These TSM groups don’t… Read More »

Install Zabbix 4.4 Appliance in a Docker Container

Zabbix has some instructional materials at Download and install Zabbix for Containers to help you install Zabbix in a Docker container, but I had trouble getting a working system using these materials. While the Zabbix documentation does include everything you need if you already know what you are doing, I don’t have much docker experience… Read More »

Install Snipe-IT on Ubuntu 18.04

I’m starting with a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 server installation. This basically follows the official snipe-it installation instructions but with details for installing on Ubuntu. Since we’re starting with a fresh install, make sure everything is up to date: sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade Install Apache sudo apt install apache2 -y The -y at the… Read More »

Use Fastmail with Snipe-IT

To use Fastmail with Snipe-IT you’ll have to fill in the outgoing mail server settings in the Snipe-IT configuration file (probably called .env in the top-level directory of your Snipe-IT installation). For the password, you’ll need to (and want to) generate an application specific password on the fastmail website. To generate the password, log into… Read More »

How to Enable War Mode in Battle for Azeroth

The Battle for Azeroth Expansion for World of Warcraft has a PVP thing called “War Mode.” Wowhead has a war mode overview. It wasn’t obvious to me how to enable it and the first few results in Google didn’t help much (meaning I had to read too much stuff to find it). So, here it… Read More »

What is PVID

PVID is short for Port VLAN identifier. The PVID of a port is the VLAN id that will be assigned to any untagged frames entering the switch on that port (assuming the switch is using port-based VLAN classification). This is a concept that is defined in IEEE 802.1Q. For example, if you intend to connect… Read More »

Textual Ladder Logic Notation with Unicode Box-Drawing Characters

I recently completed a simple PLC project and wanted a way to document the ladder program only using text. Here’s what I came up with for a simple PLC where each program element can be represented with 3 characters: ┌001─002─003─004─005─006┐ ┌NOTES───────────────────────────────────────────┐ 001├─I1─────────────────∫Q1┤ │Button pushes at I1 toggles light at Q1 │ 002├─I2─────────────────∫Q2┤ │Button pushes at… Read More »