Install Minecraft Overviewer on Mac OS X

My guess is that you are here because the build instructions for Overviewer didn’t work for you. Here is what worked for me. Note: This required some trial and error and I can’t easily start over to verify the steps. Please leave a comment letting me know if it worked for you or if it… Read More »

Install VirtualBox guest additions on CentOS 7

I am starting with CentOS 7 minimal install, but the steps should work wherever you are starting. In The Host OS First you need to find the Virtual box guest additions iso.  It’s harder to find than it should be. In the host OS (not in the CentOS VM) go to and navigate to your… Read More »

Make Minecraft tree ornaments from action figures

This is a simple project to turn Minecraft action figures into fun Christmas tree ornaments. They look like this: You need to get: Some Minecraft figures. You can probably buy them locally, but if you want to buy them online, click below (These are affiliate links which help pay for this site. See my full affiliate… Read More »

How does a Fyrite work

A fyrite is a volumetric gas analysis device.  The device is used to measure the concentration of a selected gas in a sample of gas.  The gas is “selected” by choosing the composition of the liquid inside the analyzer. I will default to writing about CO2 fyrite The analyzer looks like this (this one is… Read More »

Why you need HTTPS for your web site

The TL;DR: You should not run a website that requires a login without enabling HTTPS on that web site and forcing the use of HTTPS for, at the very least, the login and administration pages. Logging in without HTTPS may allow somebody to steal your password and hack your web site. You should arrange to get… Read More »

How To Set Up VLANs When You Don’t Understand VLANs

Several years ago, I needed to partition a network into separate VLANs.  The switches I had were capable, but I wasn’t.  I was having trouble understanding what the terms meant (Tagged, Untagged, Excluded) and how to configure each port to achieve my desired result.  I had trouble finding a good I-don’t-really-care-that-much-about-VLANS-or-Cisco-documentation-I-just-want-this-to-work-so-I-can-get-on-with-what-I-am-really-trying-to-do kind of explanation, so… Read More »

Gentoo emerge Doesn’t Do Anything!

After performing maintenance on my gentoo linux system, emerge no longer did anything.  Any emerge command would immediately return with no output or result.  This happened to be just after I had run revdep-rebuild.  Revdep-rebuild removed python 2.6 which I didn’t think was a problem because I had just updated python and 2.6 is an… Read More »

Use ddclient with

Update 2016/03/06: I originally wrote this 5 years ago (and then abandoned it for quite a while).  A lot of people have been coming recently from the BBC article about setting up a Raspberry Pi VPN.  I thought I would update this post to better serve the readers. This is my most recent working config for… Read More »