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Install a Minecraft server with CraftBukkit and Multiverse on Ubuntu Linux

I started with a bare bones Ubuntu 20.04 server but this should be doable on anything that supports a recent version of Java. What are CraftBukkit and Multiverse? Mojang provides the official Minecraft server for anyone to download. The official server doesn’t include any mechanism to add modifications. Some other people made a thing called… Read More »

Use a VMDK in VirtualBox on Linux

I was trying to set up Metasploitable on VirtualBox. Metasploitable comes as a VMDK. VMDK is a virtual machine disk format developed by VMWare that is supposed to be supported by VirtualBox. Unfortunately, my ViirtualBox GUI wasn’t allowing me to choose the VMDK to attach to my VM. The VMDK just wasn’t showing up in… Read More »

Use ddclient with changeip.com

Update 2016/03/06: I originally wrote this 5 years ago (and then abandoned it for quite a while).  A lot of people have been coming recently from the BBC article about setting up a Raspberry Pi VPN.  I thought I would update this post to better serve the readers. This is my most recent working config for… Read More »