Replacement pocket clip screws for Blade-Tech Ganyana

By | February 8, 2022

TLDR: If you have lost some of the screws that hold the pocket clip on your Ganyana pocket knife, the screws for the pocket clip are #2-56 x 5/32″

You can buy them at Amazon (this is an affiliate link which means I get a small referral fee from Amazon, at no additional cost to you, if you buy something after following my link).

I am putting this here just for the (probably one or two) other Blade-Tech Ganyana enthusiasts that have lost the screws that hold the pocket clip to the knife.

The Blade-Tech Ganyana (which I believe is not made anymore) is my favorite pocket knife. I’m not sure it’s the best knife in the world but I’ve been carrying it in my pocket for many years and like it quite a lot.

The knife has a pocket clip, which I make use of. The clip is held on by 3 small screws. I lost one of the screws some time ago (not sure when). I recently lost a second screw. I didn’t want to lose the third screw, which would also result in the loss of the pocket clip, so I stopped carrying the knife until I could get some replacement screws.

I determined that the screws are size #2-56 and 5/32″ long. Also, I made sure to get stainless steel screws (see Amazon link above).