Use a VMDK in VirtualBox on Linux

I was trying to set up Metasploitable on VirtualBox. Metasploitable comes as a VMDK. VMDK is a virtual machine disk format developed by VMWare that is supposed to be supported by VirtualBox. Unfortunately, my ViirtualBox GUI wasn’t allowing me to choose the VMDK to attach to my VM. The VMDK just wasn’t showing up in… Read More »

Qwiic SHIM quick “fix”

Qwiic is SparkFun’s easy-connect ecosystem for I2C devices. I wanted to play with some I2C temperature sensors with a Raspberry Pi so I thought I would give Qwiic a try. The simplest and least expensive way to start with Qwiic on a Raspberry Pi is the Qwiic shim. The Qwiic shim is a small board… Read More »

Five Kitchen Tips

Here are 5 quick kitchen tips. There is no theme to these, and they are in no particular order. This post contains affiliate links which means that if you buy something after following those links I will receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you) for sending you over. Pastry Blender If you… Read More »

One way to loosen a stuck water heater element

This photo might be all you need. Explanation follows: I was trying to remove a heating element from this water heater. Unfortunately there was some corrosion and the element was stuck. The only tools I had for this were a tubular water heater element wrench to engage the element and a pipe wrench to apply… Read More »

TSM Goups for Pandaria Crafted PVP Gear

These are the crafted PVP sets from Mists of Pandaria. They are cheap to craft, but the recipes are a pain to get so they can sell for many times the crafting cost on the AH. There is a set for each class (except Demon Hunters which weren’t around during MoP). These TSM groups don’t… Read More »

Install Zabbix 4.4 Appliance in a Docker Container

Zabbix has some instructional materials at Download and install Zabbix for Containers to help you install Zabbix in a Docker container, but I had trouble getting a working system using these materials. While the Zabbix documentation does include everything you need if you already know what you are doing, I don’t have much docker experience… Read More »

Install Snipe-IT on Ubuntu 18.04

I’m starting with a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 server installation. This basically follows the official snipe-it installation instructions but with details for installing on Ubuntu. Since we’re starting with a fresh install, make sure everything is up to date: sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade Install Apache sudo apt install apache2 -y The -y at the… Read More »

Use Fastmail with Snipe-IT

To use Fastmail with Snipe-IT you’ll have to fill in the outgoing mail server settings in the Snipe-IT configuration file (probably called .env in the top-level directory of your Snipe-IT installation). For the password, you’ll need to (and want to) generate an application specific password on the fastmail website. To generate the password, log into… Read More »