How to Enable War Mode in Battle for Azeroth

By | July 22, 2018

The Battle for Azeroth Expansion for World of Warcraft has a PVP thing called “War Mode.” Wowhead has a war mode overview. It wasn’t obvious to me how to enable it and the first few results in Google didn’t help much (meaning I had to read too much stuff to find it). So, here it is.

To enable War Mode:

  1. Reach Level 20.
  2. Go to your faction’s capital city (Stormwind or Orgrimmar). You must be in the capital city to turn War Mode on. You can turn war mode off in any rested area.
  3. Open Specializations and Talents (Press N).
  4. Select the “Talents” tab at the bottom.
  5. Open the “PVP Talents” panel at the right. It might already be open but if it’s not, click the little arrow at the top right next to “PVP Talents.”
  6. Press the “War Mode” button at the bottom right. It’s a circle with 2 crossed swords right underneath the words “War Mode”.
  7. Go battle the filthy Horde/Alliance.